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SmartStart program - Helping an Internationally Adopted Child
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SmartStart Program:
Helping an Internationally Adopted Child
Develop a Foundation for Learning.
Toolbox III, Ages 3 to 8


This is a rofessional development course for adoption agencies and school personnel working with the internationally adopted children. The program looks at some aspects of psycho-educational development of newly adopted post-institutionalized children. It offers age appropriate activities that focus on processes that have been found to positively influence the cognitive developmentof preschool and school age adoptees.

This program is developed by Dr. Carol S. Lids and Dr. Boris Gindis specifically for the professionals who work with the internationally adopted children. Your instructor for this class is a psychologist Dr. Carol S. Lids, the author of many books and research publications in Dynamic Assessment and other psychological issues of young children.

This course consists of 8 units of work. In the end of each unit you will be presented with a small assignment, which you need to complete with the minimum score of 85% on every test to receive a certificate. The course includes materials that can be used as handouts for parents and caregivers. This course is interactive (you are invited to post your questions to the instructor and other participants while studying the material and acquiring techniques for mediation of child's learning experiences).

Instructor Dr. C. Lidz

Free access, no certificate is awarded

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